Bracelet is an article of jewellery which can be wear around wrist.It may be called as type of bangle.While wearing bracelet ,it gives sophisticated and elegant look to the wrist.Diamond bracelets are very popular now a days.They may be give as gifts also.

Champagne Diamond Fashion Bracelet

It weighs about 4 carats.It is a very beautiful bracelet consisting of several dots.Each dot contain champagne diamond in center.This a bracelet with a sparkling style.

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Swirl Bracelet
It is a gorgeous bracelet.It is a fancy ,stylish and graceful bracelet which give any woman feeling of smartness and gorgeousness.

Star Bracelet

It weighs about 6 grams.It consist of 6 glittery stars attached to a dazzling chain.It is a very impressive bacelet and will be liked when given as gift.

Bracelet With Heart Clasp

This bracelet contains a sweet heart which will excellently express the emotions of someone.This bracelet contains a lots of diamonds which give incandescent glow.

Diamond Bracelet Sterling Silver
It weighs about 1/4 carat.It gives a sophisticated look to the wrist when tied on it.AWESOME BRACELET!

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