Diamond bangles are alternative for diamond bracelets.These are round which are available in different shapes and styles.It can be worn individually or together with additional bangles.Diamond bangles will be outside complement to women wrist.

White Diamond Bangle

This glitterng diamond bangle is set in white diamond cut to make the wonderful accessory to any casual or formal wear

White Pave Diamond Bangle

It weighs 18 carats.This bangle is covered with with diamond which gives good looking to the wrist who can wear it.

Diamond Studded Bangle

It weighs about 10 carats.You can select an ideal gift for a women for wedding or on engagement.

3-Stone Diamond Bangle

Celebrate your wedding,engagement or any function with your 3 stone bangle.This bangle contains scorching blazzing cut diamond to increase its beauty.

White Diamond Bangle
It weigh about 0.33 carats.There are 8 flowers in the sides of spirals of bangle.It attracts every person to buy it.

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